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What Makes This Video Course So Amazing?
Stellar-Quality Product
This is the hottest product of its kind that actually goes indepth with free and opensource tools and software and how to use these tools to make high quality videos, that get attention and allow you to succeed online.
Easy Step by Step Training
You will be up and running in no time, making videos like the big boys, but without those expensive tools.
Traffic Driving, Sales Producing Videos
Imagine using VSL's that convert up to 300% better than Long Style Sales Letters with no video, Affiliate Review Videos That Get The Clicks, Traffic Driving Promotional Videos, and So Much More!
Make More Sales & Profits!
And the best part? You make more profits by converting more sales and build a highly lucrative buyer's list that you can make money from for years to come!

Video Is The Future Of The Internet. If You Finally Want Success Online...
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Dear Internet Marketer,

It is no surprise that video is taking over the internet, but it might surprise you to learn that it is not necessary to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on software to make great videos. I'm going to reveal something that goes against the grain...

You may have heard that in order to make awesome videos you need to have Camtasia Studio™ ($300), a popular software that makes explainer style videos ($77), another is ($47), Powerpoint™ ($99) and then there is Premier Pro™, After Affects™ and many other programs. After spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars you will then need to spend months learning to use them all, and that is if you actually ever do learn them. But if not that route, what can you do?

You will be completely blown away when you are introduced to the tools and software demonstrated inside Video Marketing Grunt and shown how to use them correctly. You will be left astonished that these free tools are so powerful. You may have heard of some and even used them, but not how we show in this training. Whether you have used them or never heard of them, you have never before had the indepth, step by step training included inside Video Marketing Grunt. Once you finish this training, you will finally have the knowledge you need to make the videos you want to make. Grow your business online with video and achieve the success you deserve.

It Is All About The Power of Video!

The magical effect video has on your viewers and customers is no secret.

Video Sales Letters have been proven time and again to convert up to 300% better than a long form sales page with no video. The most successful products all use video because they simply convert more viewers into buyers.

Local businesses are finding that online video is proving to be a more cost effective ad platform than many others available to them.

Video marketing is now considered the New S.E.O.

Before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself and tell you how this course came about. For those who do not know me, I'm Mark Collins and I have been in internet marketing since 2009. It was not until 2014 when I took the plunge and went full time online, as the company I worked for almost a decade in Japan went bankrupt and I decided it was a sign to take my online business from a hobby to a full on career.

I have used open source tools from the time I got started, but over time I bought many of the premium tools because that is what many of the Guru's told me I should do. What I found was that while the premium tools have some added conveniences, the free tools are much more powerful then most seem to understand. For this reason I continue to use those tools on a regular basis despite having some of the premium ones.

Over time, I have heard many complaining that with all the latest and so called greatest premium tools coming to market, that many felt they could not keep up with the expense or learning curve. They said they felt pressured to buy all those tools despite having limited funds to do so. Many said they were spending so much on tools and training, they had nothing left to promote their business.

With video production being the future of the internet, and so many struggling to be able to make quality videos without the need to buy every new video creation product that comes to market every other week, I created this course.

Even if you have tried open source tools before. Even if you have tried the very tools introduced inside this training before. You have never experienced the training that is provided... and once you do, you will finally be able to create the videos you want, using them.

Nothing is difficult when you have the knowledge and power to do it successfully. Inside Video Marketing Grunt, you will gain the knowledge and power you need to Succeed With Video!

Today's Internet Marketing Requires Video for Every Aspect of Marketing and Promotions!

The Facts Are That Video Converts Better! - No Question
I Can Prove It!

From creating video memes that go viral and drive massive traffic to your offers, to an awesome video course, to creating the highest converting Video Sales Letter, there is ample proof that video is absolutely necessary to succeed in an Online Business Today! Just check the latest internet marketing launches on JVZoo™, Clickbank™ and WarriorPlus™ that use video to sell and deliver the product.

The product creators are Killing It! They are literally making fortunes. But it is not just these platforms, video is totally destroying it in every niche and industry you can think of. In a few instances, a product with a single video has made tens of thousands of dollars. Youtube™ recently announced they have over one million associates earning monthly income and thousands earning six figures a year. This clearly demonstrates the Power of Video. But the secret is to create videos that engage, educates or entertains the viewer. It can't be some poorly put together piece of junk.

Simple slide shows have their place and can be used as one of your effective tools for marketing. But courses, VSL's and videos designed to build your brand have to be more than that.

That is why in Video Marketing Grunt, you will learn to make a variety of captivating videos that can convert viewers to sales, keep visitors on your pages longer, and build you brand and Authority!

Many struggling marketers beleive the opportunity to succeed online is over.
Nothing could be farther from the truth. The internet is expected to double in size over the next 5 years. Mobile marketing is just starting to take a major role on the internet and will Explode over the next couple of years. All that growth will be driven by VIDEO. If you want to win, you have to Get In The Game. Video Creation will help you succeed!

Here is a recap on how you can $$$ PROFIT by becoming a Video Creation Expert!

video sales letters Make Your Own Incredible Digital Products with Video and Sell Them!

video sales letters Offer Offline Businesses Video Services for One Off and Monthly Recuring Fees!

video sales letters Make Affiliate Review Videos to Promote Affiliate Offers and Stand Out From the Crowd!

video sales letters Stop making boring Amazon reviews and Start Making Exciting Amazon Review Videos!

video sales letters Make Videos For other Marketers and sell on Fiverr or sell directly for $27, $97 or even $197!

video sales letters Explode Your List Building & grow Authority! Engage and Completely Captivate Your Audience with Videos.

video sales letters With the Power of Youtube and a Great Video: Explode your Traffic and Convert That Traffic into Sales!

Stellar Quality
Whether you have tried free and open source tools before, or just thought they would be junk, inside Video Marketing Grunt you will get indepth training on each tool and how to use them. Once you are finished you wil be able to use them like a Pro and make videos like the big boys make.
Designed For Marketers
I'm a marketer myself and have been so in the offline world for many many years and I've been an online marketer for well over 5 years and went full-time online in 2014. This is a totally unique and indepth training like nothing you've ever seen!
Optimized For Tablets & Smartphones
Join the mobile craze. Video is easily viewed on every device. In the near furture mobile users will dominate the online world. Nothing works better on mobile than video.
It is Easy to Get Started
Everything is covered inside to get you up and running fast. You will be completely amazed at the power and precision with which you will be able to make videos. Now all you have to do is make money from it!

Imagine tapping into the biggest profit maker online. The latest research shows that 75% of traffic online will be driven by video, and as mobile devices become the main technology used for accessing the internet, some estimate that it could reach as high as 90% of traffic that is controlled and driven by Video.

Nothing helps you build Authority and get people to know, like and trust you more or faster than video. No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. When people know, like and trust you, they will buy from you.

The Power of Video is Immense. The opportunity to succeed online has now become more attainable for anyone with the Grit to Get Busy. It is imperative that you start creating and uploading video of all kinds to the internet.

You are only minutes away from getting started! Once you become comfortable making and uploading videos to the web, you will be blown away at the opportunities to profit that can come your way.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside

Video Marketing Bootcamp
Basic Training - Introduction To Marketing
With Video

This section will have you understanding the essentials of video marketing in under an hour. Video 1 (3:21 minutes), video 2 (5.36 minutes), video 3 (7.01 minutes), video 4 (3.50 minutes), video 5 (9.13 minutes), video 6 (5 minutes), video 7 (4.59 minutes). Total running time 37.80 minutes

Give Me Access Now!

Total Value: $100.00
Weapons Training
An Indepth Look at the Tools and Software

21 bite sized videos that walk you through the process of becoming a skilled video soldier, ready for battle.
The training is made in these bite sized 5 - 15 minute videos so you get indepth training that can be completed in a single afternoon. Screen Recorder total 4 videos. Training time - 46.01 minutes. Animation & Presentation tool total 5 videos. Training time - 45.84 minutes. Video Editor tool total 5 videos. Training time - 37.04 minutes. Green Screen tool total 7 videos. Training time - 60.43 minutes. Total time to complete this training is 3 hours 15 minutes.

It's Incredible - Let Me In!

Total Value: $300.00

I am sure that after checking out the contents of this incredible video training solution you have already realized the IMMENSE value that it has.

Believe it or not, there is more! If you'll claim your exclusive Video Training today...

I'm About To Give Away 3 Exclusive Bonuses
Absolutely FREE - Only If You Act Now!

Awesome Bonus

This Awesome Bonus is an additional 21 bite sized videos that actually walk you through the making of some of the sample videos shown on the sales page and inside the training! These are made so that you can pic and choose which ones you are most interested in.

In the military your M.O.S. is your military occupational specialty. In keeping with that theme, in this bonus training you will learn to make a wide range of videos for marketing and the elements that go into creating them....making you a specialist in video creation!

Learn to DO-IT-YOURSELF to save time & money. As you go through this training you will begin to be able to create most anykind of video for marketing you desire. Simply go through the ones that interest you.

This will allow you to get up and running fast. Then, anytime you like, you can check out the ones you have not yet gone through. This way you get started quickly, but have all the training you need to become a well trained video marketing soldier, ready for battle.

Total Value: $100.00
Awesome Bonus

Video Production Essentials

Video is often the preferred medium to deliver your unique story, or message, to your chosen audience. Video is engaging; making use of sound (voice, noise, music) and visuals (moving images, color) to create an emotional bond with your audience. The two primary reasons to use video are to:
- engage with and build a (stronger) bond with your audience
- convey more information in a shorter time.
Video, when properly produced is a very effective communication tool. However, when poorly planned and produced, video can be a real turnoff to your audience!

This short report outlines ten key steps that are essential to producing effective, engaging videos which will convey your message and make your viewers want to talk about them to their network of colleagues, friends, and family. So, whether you are creating a video for a product launch, to promote your social, or political agenda, for an interview, or just plain for the fun of it, if you keep these essentials in mind you will produce a much more effective and engaging video.

Total Value: $47.00
Awesome Bonus

Discover How To Harness The Number One Social Media Marketing Site.

Create the Perfect You Tube Marketing Video-5 Tips To Get it Right........ 3
You Tube Video Marketing Tips-Join the Community .......... 4
You Tube Video Marketing-The 3 Categories of Videos ....... 4
5 Tips for Making a Great Marketing Video for You Tube .... 5
Marketing Your Product On You Tube: 10 Reasons Why You Should Do It ........ 6
You Tube Marketing Tips-Promoting Your Perfect Marketing Video ............. 7
5 Unique Things You Can Do with Your You Tube Marketing Video .............. 8
Using You Tube to Market Your Product-Should You Hire a Professional? ...... 9
Niche Targeted Playlists-Boost Your You Tube Marketing Video ............... 10
Promote Your You Tube Marketing Video-Join or Create Groups ................ 11
Video and You Tube Marketing-4 Great Tips .................................. 11
Promote Your Perfect You Tube Marketing Video For Free: Here's How to Do It.... 12
Viral Marketing Tips for Your You Tube Video ......... 13
The Perdect You Tube Marketing Video ................. 14
You Tube Website Features that Can Help Your Marketing Videos ....... 15
You Tube Marketing Secrets-Promote Your Product or Business! ........ 15
Choosing Tags and Categories with Your You Tube Marketing Video ..... 16
Use You Tube to Create Unlimited Sales for your Business ............ 17
Getting Your Marketing Video Noticed On You Tube .................... 18
So how do you get your marketing video noticed on You Tube? ......... 18
Choose Your Niche-An Important Step in Your You Tube Marketing Video .... 19
Create and Customize Your Own You Tube Channel to Market Your Business .... 20
Promote Your Business with These 5 You Tube Marketing Strategies .......... 20
Using Viral Content-Creating Your Perfect You Tube Marketing Video ........ 21
You Tube Marketing Tactics: Are These Products Helpful or Scams? .......... 22
10 Tips For Using You Tube for Your Marketing Video........................ 23

Total Value: $37.00

Want to See Some Demo Videos You Can Make?

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Here's What You'll Get

What You'll Receive...
Video Marketing Bootcamp - Basic Training - Become a Video Marketing Solider Ready To Battle!
Weapons Training - Discover the tools needed, and the training you need to be a well trained Marketing Soldier.
FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 – M.O.S. - Video Specialty Training - Here is where you will learn how to create all the elements needed to make great videos for marketing.
FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 - Video Production Essentials
FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 - Video Marketing With YouTube

Total Value Of This Incredible Package: $584.00!

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Why It's Just $27?

Here are the main reasons why I'm charging only $27 for this premium package.

$27 is a price majority of people can afford. I'm able to capture a wider market. With getting more customers I'll be able to offer them more products & offers in the future and expand my business.

I want every single person to get an opportunity to take advantage of this training that is an absolute must if you want to succeed online. I love seeing people go from ZERO to amazing success, and I want the same for you too!

If you still can't wrap your head around this expense, skip getting a coffee at Starbucks one day a week for the month and it's paid for.

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Video Marketing Grunt

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100% Secure Checkout
Verified & Secure Checkout via JVzoo. Pay Via Credit Card or PayPal. Paypal account is Not required to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these tools be used on a mac?

The training is largely focused on tools used for windows based computers. Many who have macs can use comparable tools and learn a great deal from this training, however it is not specifically targeted at that group.

Why do I need this training?

All the current evidence shows that the majority of online content will be video in the next few years. Simply stated, if you do not have a video based presence online, it will not be long before you will be completely invisible. If you wait too long to get started, the effort to succeed will be much greater. There is still a small window of opportunity to succeed before it gets tougher.... if you start right now!

How long will it take to start making videos?

You can literally be making videos with-in a few hours of study. The course is designed to show you exactly how to make a variety of videos. You can simple follow along and do as you watch, only changing the graphics and specific words that are related to your video.

What rights do I have?

The training itself comes with personal use rights only. As the tools are free and open source, once you know how to use them, you can make videos for yourself and your clients. You can make videos to sell to other marketers. You can make training products and sell them as digital products or even have them converted to dvd and sell them as physical products on Amazon or eBay. Build a channel on Youtube and become a Youtube partner and make money. There are so many ways to profit, that it is simply a matter of you learning to make videos and apply what you have learned.

Profit Making Ideas for Internet Marketer's :

Sell videos for $5 on fiverr, or directly for $27, $97 or even $197 for instant profit
Create promotional videos and post them on social media sites to drive traffic to your offers.
Make video courses and become known for your own products and skyrocket your sales and profits.
Use video mini-courses as an affiliate bonus to make more affiliate commissions
Make ultra short video courses and give them away to build a money making list.
Create Video Sales Letters that can increase your conversions up to 300%.

Profit Making Ideas for Offline Marketer's:

Create Videos For Businesses and sell for $97, $197 or even $497!
Offer a video as a bonus to attract more offline clients
Offer a lead generation service to your clients using videos... for big bucks

To Your Success,

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